Wintertime has it’s own magic. When Winter comes with its short days, long nights, cold temperatures and storms with snow and rain Life slows down. Mother Nature shifts her energy more inwards as the light of the sun gets dimmer, the days gets shorter and the nights gets longer.

Our ancestors knew and honoured the energy of Winter and withdrew from much outside activity. They spent more time inside their lodges, mending tools, telling stories of the year that had passed, harvesting the learning from their experience and spent time dreaming the next year.
In modern life however, it can be a challenge to support the dreaming by allowing one self to slow down, turn one’s awareness inwards and become quiet.

In the winter we feel and experience the gifts of the darkness that holds all potential and invites us to enter the cave of introspection to plant the seeds of the new dreams that want to emerge in the next cycle – not only for ourselves, but collectivly for Humanity.

Kiva Ceremoni